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Seeley International Manufacturing Plant Tour

On Wednesday 18th August 2021, CIBSE South Australia, and the Joint Associations group, met at the Seeley International Manufacturing Plant in Lonsdale. Here 34 attendees were provided with a luncheon presentation and tour of the Australian designed and manufactured Climate Wizard Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IEC). Our guide explained how it works, with a focus on the differences between IEC and conventional evaporative and refrigerated cooling. 


The presentation demonstrated case studies – Treasury Wines and Adelaide Central Market and discuss the key strengths of Climate Wizard which included the benefits of 100% outside air, peak and overall energy efficiency, health and comfort, sustainability.

The factory tour covered the manufacturing processes, with a focus on Seeley’s various innovations in both evaporative and indirect evaporative including control systems.

We viewed the in-house manufactured paper-based wet-deck materials which were proudly better and cheaper than overseas-sourced (almost) equivalents.
Robotic automation featured, including a robotic line churning out components for fixed evaporative cooling units.


Of special interest was Seeley’s NATA accredited testing facility where we witnessed testing of an indirect evaporative cooler and comparison testing of the wet-deck materials.

Thank you to our speakers, Jon Seeley – Group Managing Director and Michael Hamilton – GM Commercial.