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Calling all Emerging Engineers and Building Services Professionals,

I write to you today as a fellow young engineer to check in with you in these strange and testing times. As we have all retreated to the safety of our homes, cross-organisational connections and networking have been hard to come by. One might also feel disconnected with new development in the industry – which is where CIBSE is committed to help facilitate these conversations.
The CIBSE Young Engineer’s Network (YEN) regularly hosts virtual and in-person social events, webinars, and networking sessions open to all in the industry. Our network comprises of young professionals coming from various organisations, including design consultancies, contractors, and suppliers. Our aim is to be a platform for you to connect with other young professionals in the industry (and beyond!).
These events are planned and organised by the YEN Committee, which meets once a month (now virtually) to brainstorm ideas and discuss happenings in the industry. Enthusiastic and energetic engineers are always welcome, so if you are bubbling with ideas and wish to be involved as a part of the YEN NSW committee please contact me, Prateek at [email protected] for an invite, we’d love to see you there.

CIBSE ANZ has YEN chapters all over Australia and New Zealand. If you are looking to get involved in YEN in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington, we'd love to hear from you too! CIBSE ANZ YEN Chair Melanie Finch can get you connected, email Mel at [email protected] to register your interest, ask any questions or sign-up!

Join us for our next event Building Services Bingo Online on Thursday 9 September


Best regards,

Prateek Alkesh

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