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Smart Infrastructure and the Pace of Change

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In 2018 Mirvac won the coveted CIBSE Building Performance Champion Award however, since the completion of the EY Centre building technology and the sheer amount of data being generated has changed significantly.

Mirvac's Nathan Rosaguti shares some of these changes and what it means for smart building owners.

The quantity of data and the need for integration has led to new network architecture comprising an Integrated Communication Network and Integrated Building Platform, supporting and connecting building services and delivering a multitude of use cases.

The Australia Technology Park project, with its new network architecture, brought considerable advantages for Mirvac but also some new challenges. To deliver the network architecture, the consulting and contractor structure had to evolve. The role and importance of a Master Systems Integrator needed to be recognised.
Open protocol systems deliver greater choice and a wider development community, however, the pool of specialist providers to deliver the network architecture and the integration elements is still reasonably shallow. Greater effort is required to find the skills required, and the market needs to grow and mature to provide the required skills and capability.
Enhancements in integration have been matched with advances in the sophistication of cyber threat, requiring a greater focus on cyber security.
At this point in the evolution of technology, Cyber Security is now being considered at the very start of project development and is recognised as a key, embedded element with the network architecture. Cyber security resources are advancing from the simple firewall boundary layer and proactive penetration tests are identifying and rectifying security vulnerabilities before handover.
Data ethics is also becoming an early consideration as the volume generated grows.  We must be vigilant in its storage, use and sharing. This is not just to protect privacy but ensure that ethical behaviour governs and guides the use of data and its insights
Smart infrastructure in rapidly evolving but there are ways to future proof against it. This kind of infrastructure comprises several elements that provide the ability to integrate new technologies and adapt to changing tenant / operating needs.

At the upcoming IoT – The Neurology of Building Operations seminars,  Nathan Rosaguti and David Palin will discuss their learnings across network architectures, contractor structures, cyber security, data integration and cases supporting the convergence of Information and Operational Technology.
The audience will have an opportunity to see a real example of how building technology is evolving to satisfy the demands of rapidly changing technology and the developing needs of customers and operators.
The 2019 CIBSE ANZ Seminar Series IoT event offers 4 hours of CPD  with an opportunity to learn from many experts with a variety of experiences. Its also your chance to put your questions to the panel.

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Content provided by Nathan Rosaguti, Sustainability Engineer

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