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Challenges Faced by a Building Surveyor

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Few involved in the building services industry have a comprehensive understanding of the processes required for project approval. The role of a Private Certifier and Council is somewhat unknown, as are aspects of the regulatory mandate through the Development Regulations (SA) and terms used such as certifier or surveyor in the context of construction of buildings.

Last month, Vic Barone of Katnich Dodd, one of Adelaide’s leading Private Certifier Companies, outlined the requirements of the certification process, completed by Private Certifiers or directly through Council, at a CIBSE event in SA. Vic has close to 20 years building surveying experience that spans across the all sectors including Private, State, Federal and Local Government. Since joining Katnich Dodd in 1998, Vic has been personally involved in a variety of commercial and iconic projects within South Australia, where performance based approaches have been pursued to meet the objectives and principles of the Building Code of Australia.

On the night, the audience received an outline of the challenges faced by a Certifier, which includes the wide scope of understanding of all aspects under the Building Code, crossing multiple disciplines of building services; and also, other aspects of the Code such as structural, egress, disability, energy efficiency and many more for certification compliance. A Certifier cannot be an expert in all fields, and as a result, the process relies on the expertise of designers in achieving Code solutions (whether prescribed or performance based) to achieve the necessary outcome for approval.

Vic listed the main building services headings of the Building Code, highlighting some of the issues that are addressed, including the requisite background data necessary to prove a complying solution with that of specified performance requirements.

This event was well attended and for many who are involved in building services, either consultancy or contracting, this presentation provided an insight to the approval process of a project development, prior to it becoming a reality in construction.

CIBSE SA would like to thank Rawlinsons - Quantity Surveyors and Construction Cost Consultants for their appreciated sponsorship of this event.

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