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Industry feedback sought on BIM Product Data Templates

CIBSE’s BIM Steering Group – in partnership with a number of industry bodies and professional engineering institutions – has developed a Building Information Modelling (BIM) initiative, Product Data Templates (PDTs), designed to fast-track the flow of general product information into BIM models.

BIM Product Data Template BIM Product Data Template

The first PDTs are now being made available for public consultation and the Institution is seeking feedback from the building services sector– particularly trade associations and the manufacturers of relevant products.

8 PDTs are now available online for comment/feedback, with over 150 more being developed:

We are interested in all feedback and comment, particularly on whether the PDT adequately describes the product type, how easy it is to complete the fields and whether the complete PDT is sufficient. If you want to assist with the PDTs which are still in development, then further information can be found here.

Further information about why the PDTs are needed, and how they work, can be found at or in the recent CIBSE Journal BIM supplement. Further videos explaining the process can be found at