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Industry bodies join together to promote lighting education in schools


The Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP), Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) and International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) have announced  that they have joined forces with the Lighting Industry Association (LIA) to develop a series of workshops for their members to use whilst reaching out through the STEM initiative to teach school children about science, engineering and the art of light.
There are many members of these organisations who have wanted to assist schoolchildren with their understanding and development of STEM skills and how they can relate to the world of lighting but the barriers have always been “What is appropriate for the age group?” and “How do I do this?”.
It is for this reason that the current ILP President Mark Cooper has made it a pledge for his year in office to develop the workshops and encourage as many of the lighting community to join up as STEM Ambassadors as possible.
The programme has four main steps:
1.   Develop the workshops.
2.   Source and gather equipment required.
3.   Have the workshops accredited by STEMNET.
4.   Roll out across the UK.
If you are interested in helping as an individual then you can sign up as a STEM Ambassador at and start the process. If as a company you would like to offer some support, then please feel free to contact the undersigned individuals who can give more information regarding the equipment that might be required.
The workshops will provide all the useful information, presentation materials and tips to provide an interactive 1 hour long session aimed at different age groups and learning outcomes. The aim of the programme is to assist schools in raising interest and standards in STEM subjects and highlighting the varied careers available in the lighting industry.
This initiative also dovetails into a Department for Business, Initiative and Skills (BIS) programme called the Skills Ladder which will provide a planned career path for those entering the high tech world of lighting and electronics. Anthony Howells the Senior Policy Advisor, for the Construction Manufacturing, Services and Electronics Unit at BIS has provided his full support for this STEM programme and sees this as an important Industry initiative.
The first of these workshops / presentations will be ready for use by May 2015.

For partner organisations in this scheme, please contact Mark Cooper, President of the ILP; Emma Cogswell, UK Projects Manager IALD EMMA@IALD.ORG; Julie Humphreys Education and Commercial Manager LIA