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Young Engineers Network (YEN)

The CIBSE Young Engineers Network (YEN) is a network of regional centres that aim to provide a forum & support network for young engineers within CIBSE.  Use the menu links for details of each centre.

Joining YEN

Please log in to the CIBSE website using the orange "My CIBSE" button and update your groups profile to include the Young Engineers Network. You don't have to be a CIBSE member to log on to our website.

There are no costs and strings attached to joining YEN, and you don't have to be a CIBSE member (though you can find out about becoming a member of CIBSE here e.g. as a Student Affiliate, Graduate or Affiliate). 

Join the discussion on the CIBSE YEN LinkedIn Group

Aims of the YEN

  • Promote a positive and welcoming image.
  • Provide a platform for new thinking, novel approaches to design and knowledge exchange.
  • Ensure that young engineers engage more closely with our professional institution at an early stage in their careers.
  • Encourage more women to join the building services profession.
  • Establish a link with CIBSE Council.
  • Promote building services engineering to school and university students.
  • Guide young engineers towards a long term career in building services.

For more see our Mission Statement

Each Centre consists of a committee which organises technical and networking events in the local area. A Centre can consist of young engineers who happen to live or work in that area or a centre may also be formed at a place of learning and consist of students.

YEN Committee

YEN Chair – Gemma Taylor
YEN Vice Chair – Erato Vasileiou
YEN Past Chair – Rebecca Neill