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The Auckland Chapter is chaired by Raitis Kjestrup

The Auckland committee are focussed on further development for our members and to continually drive strong professional networks and collaborations. The committee is made up of an experienced and diverse services team who are passionate about the built environment and the positive influences CIBSE can have.

Auckland Committee:

Raitis Kjestrup
Auckland Chair
Seminar Series Advisor

Raitis works along side Auckland committee members to deliver future focused CPD’s and provide support to CIBSE members. Raitis has over 7 years’ experience in the Building Services Industry and previously worked in marine industry for 13 years. He currently works for WSP on various medium to large building projects in the education, commercial and hospitality market segments and has been recently seconded to the City Rail Link Project to work on the station design.

Gemma Collins
NZ Treasurer


Mark Crawford
ANZ Chair
Auckland Immediate Past Chair
Seminar Series Advisor


Jerrin Pius
YEN Auckland Chair

Anastasija Taranenko
YEN Auckland Vice Chair

Ana has first joined CIBSE as a student back in 2011 while she was completing MEng Architectural Engineering studies at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland. After obtaining LCIBSE grade she has decided to move to New Zealand, where she has joined both NZ chapter and YEN committee. As a mechanical engineer at WSP, Anastasija is passionate about helping colleagues to broaden their engineering knowledge as well as strengthen their professional network. In 2019 Ana represented CIBSE ANZ at the CIBSE YEN conference in Malaysia where she represented ANZ region.

Nigel Cross
Society of Light and Lighting - NZ Representative

Hamza Hijazie
Committee Member
Seminar Series Advisor

Ian Sumner
Committee Member

Les Wilson
Committee Member

Nick Fraser
Committee Member

Roger Birchmore
Committee Member
ANZ Young Engineers Awards Judge

Ruth Williams
Committee Member


If you would like to get information on the local Chapter activities, or if you would like to get in touch with any of our committee members, please email: