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Building Simulation Award 2014

2014 Building Simulation Group Award for Best MSc Dissertation

Fernando Vásquez Rodríguez, who completed his MSc in Renewable Energy – Technology and Sustainability at the University of Reading, has won the Building Simulation Group Student Prize for 2014.
The CIBSE Building Simulation Group Student Prize for 2014 was awarded for the best research project at Master’s degree level or equivalent, which focused on the application and development of advanced simulation techniques and/or software for predicting the performance of buildings and environmental control systems.
Fernando won £1,000 award for his MSc dissertation titled “Simplified Tool for preliminary design of mechanically ventilated PV façades”. 
This research was chosen for the award due to its application of fundamental principles in different simulation tools to evaluate and compare the performance of mechanically ventilated, building integrated photovoltaic panels. The simulation tasks were carried out rigorously and the adopted approach would have practical applications.