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European Engineer (EUR ING)

EUR ING is the professional title of European Engineer awarded by  FEANI (European Federation of National Engineering Associations). The EUR ING register is maintained by FEANI and is intended to facilitate professional mobility within Europe. Successful applicants will be authorised to use the designatory letters EUR ING.

The title provides a guarantee of competence for professional engineers, in order to:

  • allow practicing engineers to move within and outside the geographical area represented by FEANI's member countries
  • ensure mutual recognition of qualifications, should engineers wish to practice outside their own country
  • encourage the continuous improvement in the quality of engineers by setting, monitoring and reviewing standards

As a professional engineering institution, CIBSE are pleased to be able to facilitate applications to the EUR ING register.


Chartered Engineers are generally eligible for the EUR ING title, and over 14,000 UK CEngs have already achieved the qualification.

UK applicants must:

  • hold active membership with a professional engineering institution (eg. CIBSE)
  • hold CEng registration
  • meet the minimum standards as set out in the "Guide to The FEANI Register"

How to apply

To apply, please submit the following documents to CIBSE:

  • A complete EUR ING application form downloaded from the FEANI website
  • Copies of your qualifications and CEng certificate
  • Chronology or overview CV of your professional engineering job titles/brief job description with dates, signed and dated by you
  • A signed and dated letter from your current employer certifying that the information provided in your curriculum vitae is accurate
  • Professional Engineer Experience Section (download from the FEANI website)
  • Payment of £210.00 fee via BACs transfer alongside remittance, or cheque made payable to CIBSE, both using the following reference;
"<MembershipNumber> EU FEANI" i.e. 012345 EU FEANI

FEANI are very specific about how they would like the application form to be completed. Please make sure that you carefully read the EUR ING Applicant Guidance Notes to ensure that the form is completed correctly.

The Process

Once CIBSE has checked your application it will be forwarded on to the Engineering Council, who will then forward it to the FEANI European Monitoring Committee, which awards the title of EUR ING. This committee meets four times a year. Please allow a minimum of 6 months from the submission of your application, to receiving the decision on your registration.

2022 Application Deadlines

We will have the following deadline dates in 2022 for EUR ING applications. They are;

  • Friday 04 February 2022
  • Friday 22 April 2022
  • Friday 29 July 2022
  • Friday 21 October 2022
​Unfortunately there are no extensions on these dates. If we do not have your application by a deadline date you will be submitted for the next available date.

Renewing your EUR ING Registration

EUR ING Registration renewals are due every 5 years. You should look to contact the Engineering Council UK directly as they adminster the renewals of EUR ING Registrations. Fees can be found here.