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Professional Registration

CIBSE is a licensed institution of the; Engineering Council. This means; that, as well as joining CIBSE, you will be Registered as a Chartered Engineer (CEng), Incorporated Engineer (IEng) or Engineering Technician (EngTech) when you have reached the appropriate level of qualification and professional skill.

I decided to become an associate member of CIBSE because the recognition of a professional institute such as CIBSE and the engineering council is essential to career development

Kayley Lockhead IEng ACIBSE

As a licensed body of the Engineering Council, CIBSE facilitates the Registration process. We may nominate those who are appropriately qualified and professionally competent for the UK Chartered Engineer register.

Why Register?

Along with the sense of professional accomplishment, there are many benefits to achieving Registration:

  • Registration is an indicator of your professional status. It demonstrates your commitment to best practice and to the development of competence within the industry.
  • Registration will establish that your knowledge, understanding and competence within the field of building services have fulfilled UK and international standards.
  • As a Chartered Engineer, Incorporated Engineer or Engineering Technician you will have an advantage over your unregistered peers throughout your career progression

A company that employs Chartered and Incorporated engineers and Engineering Technicians will enhance its ability to win potential business. In some cases, evidence of employing registered engineers is necessary for the award of contracts in the UK and overseas. Other benefits to your employer include:

  • Confidence that you have attained and maintained a level of recognised international standard of knowledge and experience.
  • Verification of your credentials and evidence that you have satisfied full assessment of your competence
  • Assurance that you adhere to a professional code of conduct.

Routes to Registration

To apply for Engineering Council Registration you must either apply for or have already achieved the appropriate level of CIBSE membership (click the links below for details):

To see how Membership with CIBSE and registration with the Engineering Council has benefitted some of our members please see our member case studies

International Engineering recognition

CIBSE is able to facilitate applications for European Engineer (EUR ING) and International Professional Engineer (IntPE). Chartered Engineers are eligible to apply for both titles which are designed to ease international professional mobility.