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Getting Approved - Next Steps

You've decided that you want to run a CIBSE approved T&D Scheme. So, what now?

Not quite ready for your scheme to be approved, or want some more tailored advice? Consider an advisory visit. 
Advisory visits can be very helpful for schemes in the early stages of the process. You may not have a scheme formally established, or if you do, it may not yet be aligned to the Engineering Council competences. If you have a number of questions or things you would like to discuss before you will be ready for an approval, or if you would like some feedback and advice on where you are up to so far, the T&D administrator and a member of the T&D panel would be happy to visit your offices for a more informal discussion. Advisory visits usually last around one hour. If you are interested in an advisory visit, please contact 

Is your scheme up and running? Ready for an approval visit?
Once your scheme is in place with current trainees, the next step is to submit your documentation and arrange an approval visit with CIBSE. 

You will need to complete and return an application form alongside your scheme documentation, containing all of the information outlined in the T&D Manual for Companies

  • Your submission will be reviewed and if the panel are satisfied with the information provided, an approval visit can then be arranged. 
  • Approval visits usually last around four hours and will include a presentation from your company, meetings with key scheme staff, trainees and mentors, and feedback from the visiting panel members. 
  • Following the visit, if your scheme is approved at the next meeting of the T&D Panel you will receive a report and certificate from CIBSE confirming the approval and outlining and requirements that need to be met. 
  • The fee for approval is £900 (£750+ VAT). This covers administration and the approval period of your company scheme for a maximum of three years. 

When the three year period is coming to an end, you will be contacted regarding renewing  your scheme. The renewal process is the same as the initial approval process. 

The Training and Development Manual for Companies contains further guidance for employers on providing training schemes and the approval process.