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Membership Application Fees

Fees Due When Applying for Membership

Applications for membership are now online
Depending on the grade of membership you are applying for, the following fees are payable online at the time of your application submission:

  • Entry Grades (Student Part Time, Affiliate, Graduate):
    • Annual subscription fee
    • Any additional Society or EC Interim Registration fees
  • Corporate Grades (Licentiate, Associate, Member, Fellow)
    • Application fee
    • Interview fee



Members applying to upgrade their membership

If you are applying to upgrade your membership, your current subscription fees must be paid in full in order for your membership to remain active. Once your application has been approved, you will be invoiced for the relevant subscription and/or Engineering Council registration entry fee.
If you are submitting an application at one of our UK Closing Date deadlines, please see our Closing Date Prices for the relevant fees for your application.

Other Fees