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Membership Fees Test



All membership renewal fees are due annually on the 1st January. Members who also hold Engineering Council registration and/or Society membership will also need to pay the annual fee in order to maintain registration/membership unless you notify us that you no longer wish to do so.

Please refer to your postal renewal notice or log in at to see what subscriptions are due for renewal.

For information on how to renew your membership, please see

CIBSE Membership Subscription Fees

All subscription fees run on an annual basis from 1st January to 31st December each year. Fees are not dependent on date of joining and are not prorated.

For fees relating to applying for CIBSE Membership, please see


Engineering Council Annual Registration Fees

You must hold active CIBSE Membership in order to maintain your registration with the Engineering Council.


Society Membership Fees

Society annual subscription fees do not include your CIBSE Membership annual subscription fee.

You must hold active CIBSE Membership in order to join a society or maintain your membership to a society.



Reduced Subscription Rate

A reduced subscription rate is available to renewing members who meet the criteria set for either our Retired or Concessionary rate. Members already on the 'Retired' rate are not required to apply each year.

The reduced subscription rate is not applicable to those applying for or reinstating their membership.

Please see for more information on the criteria and for the application form.
Members who hold Engineering Council registration must pay the additional annual registration fee to maintain their registration.