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Continuing Professional Development - CPD

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a long term commitment. It refers to the ‘systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills'. It is about learning and putting into practice new competences year after year, and investing in your future.

As a member of CIBSE you are required by the Code of Professional Conduct to maintain your professional competence. The Institution provides clear guidance and support for professional development, enabling you to develop in your career.

The CIBSE CPD Guide for Members will provide you with guidance on what constitutes as different CPD activities and how to go about recording your CPD. You can plan, record and reflect your CPD in CIBSE's online professional development portal, 'mycareerpath'. 
CIBSE corporate members are required to:

  • Take ownership of their learning and development needs
  • Undertake a variety of development activities
  • Record their CPD activities
  • Reflect on what they have learned or achieved through their CPD activities
  • Reflect on at least two CPD activities per year, and any activity over five hours long
  • Evaluate their CPD activities against objectives
  • Review and update their professional development plan
  • Support the learning and development of others

There are a range of activities that can be considered as CPD:

  • On-the-job learning
  • Private reading and study
  • In-house programmes
  • Conferences and seminars
  • CIBSE Regional, Group, Society or Network meetings
  • Academic studies
  • Volunteering for Professional Institution committee work
  • Writing papers and articles
  • Flexible or e-learning
  • Supporting or mentoring others
  • Reading the CIBSE Journal
  • Attending CIBSE's #GrowYourKnowledge webinars

Recording your CPD in mycareerpath
CIBSE have an online professional development tool, mycareerpath, where you can plan, record and reflect on your CPD. To access mycareerpath, login to your MyCIBSE profile and then click 'My CPD - CIBSE Membership'.

Click here for more information and guidance on how to use mycareerpath.

CIBSE's annual CPD audit
CIBSE run an annual audit to look at a percentage of corporate members'* CPD at random. This is to ensure CIBSE meet and comply with the requirements and standards set by the Engineering Council. 

Click here for guidance on how to submit your CPD to audit through our new professional devleopment portal, mycareerpath. This is only necessary for those who have been selected for audit.

*Retired members are exempt from the audit, with the exception of those who are active volunteers for CIBSE, who are required by the Engineering Council to continue to maintain their CPD.

If you have any queries about CIBSE CPD, please email