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Presentation and Videos

CLG Seminars 2021

Seminar 1 - Brexit and the Lifting Industry, 30 June 2021
Seminar 2 - Energy Efficiency What part can Lifts Play?, 30 June 2021  


Traffic Analysis

Can Lift Traffic simulations be verifieable, transparent, repeatable and reproducible? by Dr Gina Barney

ISO 8100-32 on Planning and Selection of Passenger Lifts by Marja-Liisa Siikonen

Lift Traffic Design: Calculation or Simulation by Janne Sorsa

Boosting Traffic Handling Capacity in the A'Dam Tower by Jochem Wit

Designing a Vertical Transportation Strategy in the Largest and Tallest Building in the City of London by John Stopes

Lift Planning for High-Rise Buildings by Richard Peters

Technical Challenges involved with designing the vertical transportation in a large football stand by Philip Pearson

Lift Traffic Analysis 1890-1960 by Lee E. Gray

The 1935 Code of Practice for the Installation of Lifts and Escalators by Lee E. Gray

Lift Books 1890-1940 by Lee E. Gray


Goods Lifts

Accessible Goods Only Lifts (AGOLS): The Law and Levels of Safety by David Cooper

Goods Lift. Who need them? by Len Halsey


Bitesize Academy - Escalator Comb Plates (NEW!) by David Cooper

Escalator Runaways by David Cooper


Cycle Lifts

Cycle Lfts - Meeting the Future Demand by Adam Scott


History of the Safety Gear by David Cooper

How Many Breakdowns are Acceptable? by David Cooper

Understanding GB/T 24476 - 2017 China's Technical Specifications for Internet of Things for Lifts, Escalators and Moving Walks by Rory Smith

When is a Lift not a Lift? by Michael Bottomley

A Retrofit Solution for Remote Lift Monitoring by Ben Jangham and Vergil Yotov