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Codes and Standards (Draft)

For the latest updates, consult government websites regarding current legislations and BSI online regarding current standards in UK.

New UK product regulations from 1 January 2021 on BSI.
CIBSE statement.


CIBSE Guide D 2020  -  Annex 1 lists legislations and standards relevant to lifts, lifting platforms, stairlifts, escalators and moving walks. A PDF copy is free to download for members HERE.

From CIBSE Guide D

A1.6 Interpretations to EN 81 family of standards

A1.6.1 BSI Publications
Safety standards are very necessary, but the documents that describe them often require detailed study to obtain a full understanding. Sometimes the meaning is still unclear and hence the use of requests for interpretations. It is very important that designers, manufacturers, installers maintainers, owners, inspectors and consultants keep up to date with such interpretations.

BSI publishes BS EN 81-11: Safety rule for the construction and installation of lifts. Basics and interpretations. Interpretations related to the EN 81 family of standards as DD CEN/TS 81-11:2011.
These interpretations may apply to BS EN 81-20 and BS EN 81-50.

A1.6.2 CEN Publications
New interpretations are issued by CEN on an ad hoc timescale. This does mean a practitioner’s knowledge can become out of date. Visit CEN/TC 10 website for the current interpretations.

Members who wish to receive an interpretation on any standard that BSI have published, please:
1. Check with a colleague first.
2. Contact us including the following information: Full Name, Company, Postal address, fixed and mobile number, email address and interpretation request.
One of the Lifts Group officers will answer if possible, but if not a recommendation will be for questioner to forward request to BSI.


A1.7 A simple Guide to the system of ISO 8100 to ISO 8105 series of standards

The ISO 8100-8105 series of standards is continually changing and will replace most of the CEN standards post 2020. This list gives a simple idea of the forthcoming structure, correct as of September 2020.

ISO Number   Standard Name                                                                      CEN/ISO Equivalent
8100 Series : Lifts for the transport of persons and goods
8100-1:2019 Safety Requirements for passenger and
goods passenger lifts
8100-2:2019 Design rules, calculations, examinations and
tests of lift components.
8100-3:2019 Regional differences (North America and Japan)
for passenger and goods passenger lifts (elevators)
8100-4 Firefighters lifts Future EN 81-72?
8100-5 New lifts in existing buildings Future EN 81-21?
8100-6 Remote alarm for passengers and goods passenger lifts Future EN 81-28?
8100-7:2020 Control devices, signals and additional fittings  
8100-8 Specific requirements for lifts in ship ISO 8383
8100-10:2017 System of the ISO 8100 to 8105 Series of Standards New
8100-11 Interpretations related to ISO 8100 series of standards New (aka EN 81-11)
8100-20:2018 Global essential safety requirements (GSERs)  
8100-21:2018 Global safety oarameters (GSPs) meeting the global
essential safety requirements (GESRs)
8100-22 Prerequisites for certification of conformity of lift systems,
lift components and lift functions within global conformity
assessment procedures (GCAP)
ISO/TS 22559-3
8100-23 Certification and accrediation requirements within global
conformity assessment procedures (GCAP)
ISO/TS 22559-4
8100-24:2016 Convergency of safety requirements of lifts  
8100-30:2019 Class I, II, III and VI lifts installation  
8100-31 Class IV lifts installation ISO 4190-2
8100-32:2020 Planning and selection of passenger lifts to be
installed in residential, hotels and office buildings
8100-33:2017 T-type guide rails for lift cars and counterweights  
8100-34 Measurement of lift ride quality ISO 18738-1
8101 Series Fire Safety on lifts
8101-1 Requirements for lifts used to assist in building evacuation ISO/TS 18870             
8101-10:2020 Comparison of worldwide safety standards on lifts for firefighters  
8101-11 Interpretations to ISO 8101 series of standards Future
8101-12:2020 Study of the methods used for fire testing lift landing doors  
8101-13 Study into the use of lifts for evacuation during an emergency ISO/TR 25743