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On 28 October 2020 CIBSE Knowledge launched its first monthly knowledge newsletter. View the October edition below.

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Welcome to the first CIBSE Knowledge newsletter.

Each month, we will update you with the latest CIBSE Knowledge releases, let you know what our most popular publications have been, and inform you about new webinars and training courses that can help you to deepen your knowledge and to maintain your continuing professional development remotely. 

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Covid-19 Guidance: Ventilation (v4)

Version four of CIBSE's Covid-19 Guidance: Ventilation has now been released.

The complimentary publication contains advice for reopening buildings following a period of inactivity by taking into consideration the requirements for the ventilation system. It is aimed at building owners, managers and operators.
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Research Insight: ClimaCare: Climate resilience in care settings (2020)

In the face of global climate change, the ageing population are more vulnerable to heat stress.

The ClimaCare project aims to quantify this, and to develop methods that can support a system prepared to provide care under these conditions.

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Popular CIBSE Guides

This year, the most popular guides in the CIBSE Knowledge community are: View all CIBSE Guides

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Operational performance: CIBSE’s Technical Memoranda and #GrowYourKnowledge webinars

Recently CIBSE Knowledge released four technical memoranda that cover various aspects of operational performance in buildings.

We have also created a series of #GrowYourKnowledge webinars on these topics, which will provide you with an introduction to the publications and help you grow your CPD hours.

These are just a few of the more than 150 publications provided by CIBSE Knowledge.
Upcoming webinars

#GrowYourKnowledge TM webinars
An introduction to TM62: Occupant satisfaction surveys
29 October

CIBSE TM63: Modelling and calibration for evaluation of energy in-use
12 November

CIBSE TM64: Indoor Air Quality Emission Sources and Mitigation Measures
26 November

Guide L: Sustainability 
Whole Life Carbon
19 November

How to engage with clients (part of the CIBSE Build2Perform Live Programme)
24-25 November

Past webinars

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Training related to Guide L: Sustainability
Training related to Guide B: Ventilation and ductwork
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