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Guide L Launch Webinar

There is already a drive towards ensuring our buildings are net zero, which focuses on reducing energy demand and carbon emissions. But can more be done with buildings and construction? From the resources used in building, to the destruction of ecosystems to provide those materials, and the generation of waste, they all impact the future of our buildings and how we build/construct them.

Join AECOM and CIBSE, alongside a panel of industry experts as they debate the ambitions of the net zero economy, considering:

  • The future policy direction
  • Insights into the research around regenerative design and collaborative working, including the Living Building Challenge, etc.
  • Key themes from the new CIBSE Guide L, including the integrated design approach, net zero and how that links to green infrastructure and wellbeing 
  • A holistic approach to sustainability within the built environment

Download presentation slides


  • Alexia Laird, LandSec  (Chair)
  • Anne-Marie Robinson, GLA 
  • Dr. Clarice Bleil de Souza, University of Cardiff
  • Julie Godefroy, CIBSE 
  • Dave Cheshire, AECOM