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EEBPP Archive: Miscellaneous

Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme

Energy Efficiency Series

EES1 Energy Efficiency Demonstration Scheme - A Review (EEO, 1984)
EES8 Application of Monitoring and Targeting to Energy Management (EEO, 1989)

Introduction to Energy Efficiency

EEB6 Introduction the Energy Efficiency: Offices - EEB06 (1994, revised 1998)

Future Practice Research and Development

RD059 The Energy Efficient Office of the Future (1995)


GG27 Saving Money Through Waste Minimisation - Teams and Champions (1996)
GG38 Cutting Costs by Reducing Waste - A Self-help Guide for Growing Businesses (1996)

Information and Guidance

IIG4 Monitoring and Targeting for Energy Efficiency (1990)

New Practice Final Reports

NPCS106 The Elizabeth Fry Building, University of East Anglia – Feedback for Designers and Clients (1998)
NPCS118 Comfort without Air-conditioning in Refurbished Offices – an Assessment of Possibilities (2000)

Other titles

An Essential Energy Efficiency Guide for the Home (EEO, 1997)
Design Advice Directory of Consultants - Review 1 (1994)
Design Advice Towards Greener Buildings - Review 1 (2000)
Energy Efficiency in Buildings - Shops - 1EB 53 (1989)
Energy Efficiency in the Catering and Hospitality Industry - Bibliography (1996)
Energy Saving Guide for Small Businesses (DETR, 1997)
Energy Services for the Public Sector - A Working Guide (DETR)
Energy Services for the Public Sector - An Executive Summary (DETR)
Making a Corporate Committment - Chairmans Check List
Making a Corporate Committment - Energy Environment and Profits (1992)
Making a Corporate Committment - Energy on the Boardroom Agenda
Making a Corporate Committment - Site Specific Advice - Assessment Support Pack (1998)
Practical Energy Management - Workshop Support Document (1994)
Solar Energy Using Energy from the Sun - IREN4 (1988)
Technical Advice Note on High Frequency Lighting (1995)

These publications were published under Crown Copyright, and are licensed for use under the Open Government Licence  v2.0.