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EEBPP Archive: Good Practice Case Studies

Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme

Good Practice Case Studies

GPCS1 Energy Efficiency in Offices - Low Cost Major Refurbishment, Policy Studies Institute (1989, rep 1993)
GPCS8 Energy Efficiency in New Housing - Wordsworth Court, Cockermouth (1989 rep 1994)
GPCS11 Energy Efficiency in New Housing - Bartley Meadow, Totton (1990 rep 1993)
GPCS12 Energy Efficiency in New Housing - The Cob, Tenterden (1990 rep 1993)
GPCS14 Energy Efficiency in Offices - Cornbrook House, Manchester (1990 rep 1993)
GPCS15 Energy Efficiency in Offices - Hempsted House, Hemel Hempstead (1990 rep 1993)
GPCS16 Energy Efficiency in Offices - Heslington Hall, University of York (1990 rep 1993)
GPCS17 Energy Efficiency in Offices - Hereford and Worcester County Hall (1990 rep 1993)
GPCS18 Energy Efficiency in Offices - Quadrant House, Sutton, Surrey (1995)
GPCS19 Energy Efficiency in Offices - South Staffordshire Water Company, Walsall (1991 rep 1993)
GPCS20 Energy Efficiency in Offices - Refuge House, Wilmslow, Cheshire (1995)
GPCS21 Energy Efficiency in Offices - One Bridewell Street, Bristol (1991 rep 1993)
GPCS21 Energy Efficiency in Offices - One Bridewell Street, Bristol (1991 rep 1995)

GPCS23 Calender Covers in a Hospital Laundry (1991)
GPCS35 Variable Speed Drive on a Boiler Fan (1991 rep 1996)
GPCS40 Energy Efficiency in Hospitals - Condensing Gas Boilers (1993)
GPCS59 Urban Energy Management - GPCS059 (1995)
GPCS82 Consumer Connection to Community Heating in Sheffield (1994 rep 1997)
GPCS88 Variable Speed Drives on Water Pumps (1991 rep 1996)
GPCS152 Energy Efficiency in Advance Factory Units (1994)
GPCS159 Energy Efficient Lighting in Factories - Romford Brewery (1994)
GPCS162 Higher Efficiency Motors on Fans and Pumps (1993 rep 1997)
GPCS222 Purchasing Policy for Higher Efficiency Motors - ECC International (1996)
GPCS259 Energy Management at National Westminster Bank (1994, reprinted 1996)
GPCS272 Energy Efficiency in Refurbishment Industrial Buildings - Dunlop, Manchester (1995)
GPCS284 Energy Efficiency in Care Homes - Batley Hall (1996)
GPCS291 Long-term Operation of Combined Heat and Power CHP in a Small Hospital - Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability (1998)
GPCS324 Energy Management – Staff Awareness - British Telecommunications plc (1996)
GPCS325 Energy Management - Training and Motivation - HM Custom and Excise (1996)
GPCS327 Energy Management - Staff Awareness - The Sears Group (1996)
GPCS333 Energy Management Practices in Further Education - Southwark College of Further Education – a Low Cost Pragmatic Approach (1996)
GPCS334 The Benefits of Including Energy Efficiency Early in the Design Stage - Anglia Polytechnic University (1996 rep 1997)
GPCS341 Energy Management - Awareness and Motivation - Digital Equipment Co Ltd (1996)
GPCS360 Effective Management of Energy in Sports Centres - Kirklees Metropoitan Council (1997)
GPCS361 Energy Efficient Lighting for Housing - Exemplars for Builders, Installers, Owners and Managers (1998)
GPCS362 Energy Management - Strategic Approach - Do It All Ltd (1997)
GPCS370 Use of Combined Heat and Power CHP in Community Heating Schemes - Four Case Studies (1999)
GPCS373 Economic Benefits of Combined Heat and Power CHP at Coventry University (1999)
GPCS375 Effective Energy Management at ICI Paints, Slough (1998)
GPCS378 Energy Efficient Housing Association Schemes (1999)
GPCS381 Energy Efficient Refurbishment of Schools - the Achievements of Bolton Council (1999)
GPCS386 Energy Services at Hemel Hempstead General Hospital (2000)

These publications were published under Crown Copyright, and are licensed for use under the Open Government Licence  v2.0.