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EEBPP Archive: General Information Leaflets

Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme

General Information Leaflets

GIL08 Contract Energy Management Guide - for Building Owners and Occupiers (1994)
GIL11 Energy Efficiency in Offices - Review of 12 Office Case Studies (1994)
GIL13 Energy Saving in Schools - Energy Conservation Measures in Temporary Classrooms (1995)
GIL16 Using Solar Energy in Schools (1993)
GIL20 Low Energy Domestic Lighting - a Summary Guide (2002)
GIL25 Passive Solar House Designs - the Farrans Study (1997)
GIL31 Building Research Establishment Domestic Energy Model (BREDEM) (1997)
GIL32 Passive Solar Design - Netley Abbey Infant School (1996)
GIL33 Passive Solar Design - Looe Junior and Infant School (1996)
GIL49 Low Cost Automatic Meter Reading System – Using Low Power Radio (1998)
GIL50 Energy Saving in Buildings - Methods for Quickly Identifying Opportunities (1996)
GIL57 Energy Efficiency in Hospitals – a Pathfinder for Management and Staff (2001)
GIL62 Reducing Energy Consumption of Primary Care Buildings – Guidance for Estate Managers (2002)
GIL63 Saving Energy in Primary Health Buildings – an Introduction for Practice Managers (2002)
GIL65 Metering Energy Use in New Non-domestic Buildings (2002)
GIL74 Domestic Condensing Boilers – ‘The Benefits and the Myths’ (2002)
GIL83 Domestic Boiler Anti-Cycling Controls - An Evaluation (1998)

These publications were published under Crown Copyright, and are licensed for use under the Open Government Licence  v2.0.