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Facilities Management and CIBSE

How a building is operated and maintained has a huge influence on how it will perform in terms of user satisfaction, environmental impact and running costs. The interdisciplinary field of facilities management plays a huge role in the performance of buildings. It is focused on providing a healthy, comfortable and productive working environment for users, in an energy and resource efficient manner.

CIBSE provides guidance and knowledge in a range of subject areas including; maintenance contracts, energy efficiency, commissioning and testing, operational risk assessment, operation and maintenance costs, health and comfort, condition surveys, legislation and compliance, and training. Whether you are working in a ‘hard’ FM or ‘soft’ FM environment, or a combination of both, CIBSE has the tools to help you.

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The Knowledge Portal contains a wide range of guidance relevant to facilities management but of particular note are:

This guidance is focused on the operation and maintenance of engineering services. It also aims to inform those who design and construct buildings and raise awareness of the implications their decisions have on enabling effective management and maintenance.

This guide brings together information about all aspects of energy efficiency in buildings in one volume. This includes how to improve energy performance, reduce running costs, and minimise the environmental impacts of buildings. 

CIBSE has produced a number of short guidance publications for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) - as a series called 'Top Tips'. These information sheets are intended to help property operators, facilities managers and designers to understand the topics involved and what they can do to ensure buildings provide a healthy, comfortable and productive working environment in an energy efficient manner.

Legislation compliance

CIBSE manages a register of certified energy assessors who have the skills and knowledge to provide Display Energy Certificates (DECs), Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), Air Conditioning Inspections, Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) surveys, and ISO5001 certification. We also provide training and certification to allow individuals to become Low Carbon Energy Assessors.  

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Other CIBSE guidance in the Knowledge Portal includes: