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Inquiry into Engineering

The House of Commons Select Committee on Innovation, (Science) Universities & Skills (Chairman Phil Willis) has held the first stage of a major inquiry into engineering. The Inquiry encompassed an investigation of generic issues affecting engineering, and the provision of engineering skills in the U.K.

A number of key engineering institutions banded together to respond to this major opportunity to make common coherent points on the importance of engineering to society, and what society needs to do to ensure the sector is able to deliver.

A joint response was made through the Royal Academy of Engineering and David Brown of the IChemE represented all the institutions at a special briefing meeting. Principal areas discussed were

  • the need to have a stronger pipeline of graduates, particularly in scarce areas;
  • long term strategic relationships with major firms;
  • the need for adequate funding for engineering teaching;
  • the serious problem of a large engineering workforce;
  • the need for a stronger engineering presence at schools;
  • research; and
  • a focus on technicians.

Evidence as submitted remains the property of the Committee and is not, therefore, available. The Committee is likely to report after the summer recess - for more information please see the parliament website