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CP3: Open-loop groundwater source heat pumps: Consultation

This consultation is now closed. 

CP3: Open-loop groundwater source heat pumps: Code of practice for the UK focuses on open-loop heat pump systems that use groundwater as their thermal resource to supply heating and/or cooling, or to store heat. This includes water held in aquifers, mines, and caverns.
The publication of CP3 follows that of CP1: Heat Networks and CP2: Surface water source heat pumps. It was written by Themba Technology Ltd in partnership with CIBSE and the GSHPA, and is supported by BEIS.
To ensure open-loop GWSHPs are designed and operated effectively, CIBSE and Themba Technology Ltd have brought together industry partners to draft a document that seeks to establish common standards for the development of open-loop GWSHPs. This public consultation is an opportunity for the wider industry and stakeholders to provide comment and input to ensure that the final document achieves its overall aims to:

  • improve the quality of feasibility studies, design, construction, commissioning and operation by setting minimum requirements and identifying best practice;
  • deliver energy efficiency and environmental benefits;
  • promote long-lasting open-loop GWSHPs in which customers and investors can have confidence.


For any enquiries about the Code of Practice on Open-loop groundwater source heat pumps or on this consultation, please contact the steering committee via the secretariat: