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Repository 7: EEBPP - Other series and titles

Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme - Other series and titles

The initial content constituting this repository comes from the Energy EfficIency Best Practice Programme (EEBPP) and includes many well referenced and highly regarded titles within EEBPP series such as the Energy Consumption Guides, Fuel Efficiency Booklets, General Information Reports, General Information Leafles, Good Practice Case Studies and Good Practice Guides.

This page lists the "lesser" series -  Energy Efficiency Series (EEO or EES), Guides, Information and Guidance series, New Practice Reports (NPR Series) - and EEBPP monographs that CIBSE currently holds and which we are able to include here. Each links to the downloadable pdf. Other EEBPP titles are listed off other CIBSE webpages. 

The publications listed below, published under Crown copyright, are made available here as they contain public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence  v2.0.

Energy Efficiency Series - EEO EES

EES1 Energy Efficiency Demonstration Scheme - A Review (EEO, 1984)
EES8 Application of Monitoring and Targeting to Energy Management (EEO, 1989)

Introduction to Energy Efficiency - EEB

EEB6 Introduction the Energy Efficiency: Offices - EEB06 (1994, revised 1998)

Future Practice R&D

R&D059 The Energy Efficient Office of the Future (1995)


GG27 Saving Money Through Waste Minimisation - Teams and Champions (1996)
GG38 Cutting Costs by Reducing Waste - A Self-help Guide for Growing Businesses (1996)

Information and Guidance

IIG4 Monitoring and Targeting for Energy Efficiency (1990)

New Practice Final Reports

NPCS106 The Elizabeth Fry Building, University of East Anglia – Feedback for Designers and Clients (1998)
NPCS118 Comfort without Air-conditioning in Refurbished Offices – an Assessment of Possibilities (2000)

Other titles

An Essential Energy Efficiency Guide for the Home (EEO, 1997)
Design Advice Directory of Consultants - Review 1 (1994)
Design Advice Towards Greener Buildings - Review 1 (2000)
Energy Efficiency in Buildings - Shops - 1EB 53 (1989)
Energy Efficiency in the Catering and Hospitality Industry - Bibliography (1996)
Energy Saving Guide for Small Businesses (DETR, 1997)
Energy Services for the Public Sector - A Working Guide (DETR)
Energy Services for the Public Sector - An Executive Summary (DETR)
Making a Corporate Committment - Chairmans Check List
Making a Corporate Committment - Energy Environment and Profits (1992)
Making a Corporate Committment - Energy on the Boardroom Agenda
Making a Corporate Committment - Site Specific Advice - Assessment Support Pack (1998)
Practical Energy Management - Workshop Support Document (1994)
Solar Energy Using Energy from the Sun - IREN4 (1988)
Technical Advice Note on High Frequency Lighting (1995)


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