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Repository 4: EEBPP - General Information Reports

Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme - GIRs

The initial content constituting this repository comes from the Energy EfficIency Best Practice Programme (EEBPP) and includes many well referenced and highly regarded titles within EEBPP series such as the Energy Consumption Guides, Fuel Efficiency Booklets, General Information Reports, General information Leafles, Good Practice Case Studies and Good Practice Guides.

This page lists the GIR Series or General Information Reports that CIBSE currently holds and which we are able to include here. Each links to the downloadable pdf. Other EEBPP titles are listed off other CIBSE webpages. 

The publications listed below, published under Crown copyright, are made available here as they contain public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence  v2.0.

General Information Reports

GIR4 Energy Efficiency Tests on Variable Speed Drive Systems (1992)
GIR12 Aspects of Energy Management (1993)
GIR13 Reviewing Energy Management (1993)

GIR15 Technical Review of Office Case Studies and Related Information (1994)
GIR27 Passive Solar Estate Layout (1997)
GIR28 Current Standards of Energy Management - (1993 Workshops Feedback (1995)
GIR30 A Performance Specification for the Energy Efficient Office of the Future (1995)
GIR31 Avoiding or Minimising the Use of Air-conditioning - A Research Report from the EnREI Programme (1995)

GIR32 Review and Development of Energy Efficient Refurbishment Standards for Housing Associations (1995)
GIR38 Review of Ultra-Low Energy Homes - A Series of UK and Overseas Profiles (1996)
GIR39 Review of Ultra-Low-Energy Homes - Ten UK Profiles in Detail (1996)
GIR40 Heating Systems and their Control (1996)
GIR41 Variable Flow Control (1996 rep 1997)
GIR46 Energy Efficiency in Scottish Housing Association Refurbishment Projects (1997)
GIR47 Controlling Energy Use in Buildings - The First Steps (1997)
GIR50 Financing Energy Efficiency in Private Housing (1998)
GIR51 Taking Stock - Private Financing of Energy Efficiency in Social Housing (1998)
GIR53 Building a Sustainable Future Homes - Homes for an Autonomous Community (1998)
GIR56 Mixed-mode Buildings and Systems - An Overview (1999)
GIR85 New Ways of Cooling - Information for Building Designers (2001)
GIR89 BedZED – Beddington Zero Energy Development, Sutton (2002)


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