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Repository 3: EEBPP - General Information Leaflets

Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme - GILs

The initial content constituting this repository comes from the Energy EfficIency Best Practice Programme (EEBPP) and includes many well referenced and highly regarded titles within EEBPP series such as the Energy Consumption Guides, Fuel Efficiency Booklets, General Information Reports, General information Leafles, Good Practice Case Studies and Good Practice Guides.

This page lists the GIL Series or General Information Leaflets that CIBSE currently holds and which we are able to include here. Each links to the downloadable pdf. Other EEBPP titles are listed off other CIBSE webpages. 

The publications listed below, published under Crown copyright, are made available here as they contain public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence  v2.0.

General Information Leaflets

GIL8 Contract Energy Management Guide - for Building Owners and Occupiers (1994)
GIL11 Energy Efficiency in Offices - Review of 12 Office Case Studies (1994)
GIL13 Energy Saving in Schools - Energy Conservation Measures in Temporary Classrooms (1995)
GIL16 Using Solar Energy in Schools (1993)
GIL20 Low Energy Domestic Lighting - a Summary Guide (2002)
GIL25 Passive Solar House Designs - the Farrans Study (1997)
GIL31 Building Research Establishment Domestic Energy Model (BREDEM) (1997)
GIL32 Passive Solar Design - Netley Abbey Infant School (1996)
GIL33 Passive Solar Design - Looe Junior and Infant School (1996)
GIL49 Low Cost Automatic Meter Reading System – Using Low Power Radio (1996)
GIL49 Low Cost Automatic Meter Reading System - Using Low Power Radio (1998)
GIL50 Energy Saving in Buildings - Methods for Quickly Identifying Opportunities (1996)
GIL57 Energy Efficiency in Hospitals – a Pathfinder for Management and Staff (2001)
GIL62 Reducing Energy Consumption of Primary Care Buildings – Guidance for Estate Managers (2002)
GIL63 Saving Energy in Primary Health Buildings – an Introduction for Practice Managers (2002)
GIL65 Metering Energy Use in New Non-domestic Buildings (2002)
GIL74 Domestic Condensing Boilers – ‘The Benefits and the Myths’ (2002)
GIL83 Domestic Boiler Anti-Cycling Controls - An Evaluation (1998)


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