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Repository 2: EEBPP - Fuel Efficiency Booklets

Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme - FEBs

The initial content constituting this repository comes from the Energy EfficIency Best Practice Programme (EEBPP) and includes many well referenced and highly regarded titles within EEBPP series such as the Energy Consumption Guides, Fuel Efficiency Booklets, General Information Reports, General information Leafles, Good Practice Case Studies and Good Practice Guides.

This page lists the FEB Series or Fuel Efficiency Booklets that CIBSE currently holds and which we are able to include here. Each links to the downloadable pdf. Other EEBPP titles are listed off other CIBSE webpages. 

The publications listed below, published under Crown copyright, are made available here as they contain public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence  v2.0.

Fuel Efficiency Booklets

FEB1 Energy Audits for Buildings - FEB01 (1993 rep 1995)
FEB2 Steam - FEB02 (1993)
FEB3 Economic Use of Fired Space Heaters for Industry and Commerce - FEB03  (1993 rep 1995)
FEB4 Compressed Air and Energy Use - FEB04 (1993)
FEB7 Degree Days - FEB07 (1993)
FEB8 Economic Thickness of Insulation for Hot Pipes - FEB08 (1993 rep 1996)
FEB9 Economic Use of Electricity in Buildings - FEB09 (1993)
FEB10 Controls and Energy Savings (1993 rep 1996)
FEB12 Energy Management and Good Lighting Practices (1994 rep 1996)
FEB13 Waste Avoidance Measures (1997)
FEB15 Economic Use of Gas-Fired Boiler Plant (1993 rep 1996)
FEB16 Economic Thickness of Insulation for Existing Industrial Buildings (1993 rep 1995)
FEB17 Economic Use of Coal-Fired Boiler Plant (1993)
FEB19 Process Plant Insulation and Fuel Efficiency (1993 rep 1996)
FEB20 Energy Efficiency in Road Transport (1993)
FEB21 Simple Measurements for Energy and Water Efficiency in Buildings (2001)


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