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Repository 1: EEBPP - Energy Consumption Guides

Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme - ECGs

The initial content constituting this repository comes from the Energy EfficIency Best Practice Programme (EEBPP) and includes many well referenced and highly regarded titles within EEBPP series such as the Energy Consumption Guides, Fuel Efficiency Booklets, General Information Reports, General information Leafles, Good Practice Case Studies and Good Practice Guides.

This page lists the ECG Series or Energy Consumption Guides (also know as the ECON Series) that CIBSE currently holds and which we are able to include here. Each links to the downloadable pdf. Other EEBPP titles are listed off other CIBSE webpages. 

The publications listed below, published under Crown copyright, are made available here as they contain public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence  v2.0.

Energy Consumption Guides

ECG2 Energy Efficiency in Dwellings Councillors Guide to Affordable Warmth for Tenants - ECON2, ECON 2, ECG 2 (1993)
ECG10 Energy Efficiency in Offices - Energy Consumption Guide for Senior Managers - ECON10, ECON 10, ECG 10 (1991 rep 1992)
ECG13 Energy Efficiency in Public Houses - ECON13, ECON 13, ECG 13 (1993)
ECG15 Saving Energy in Schools - Head Teachers and Governors Guide to Energy Efficiency - ECON15, ECON 15, ECG 15 (1991)
ECG16 Saving Energy in Schools - School Energy Managers Guide to Energy Efficiency - ECON16, ECON 16, ECG 16 (1991)
ECG17 Saving Energy in Schools - Local Authority Chief Officers Guide to Energy Efficiency - ECON17, ECON 17, ECG 17 (1995)
ECG18 Energy Efficiency in Industrial Buildings and Sites - ECON18, ECON 18, ECG 18 (1998)
ECG19 Energy Use in Offices - ECON19, ECON 19, ECG 19 (2000, revised March 2003)
ECG28 Saving Energy in Schools - Guide on Lighting and IT Equipment - ECON28 (1993)
ECG35 Energy Efficiency in Offices - Small Power Loads - ECON35 (1995)
ECG36 Energy Efficiency in Hotels – a Guide for Owners and Managers - ECON36 (1993, reprinted 1997)
ECG43 Energy Consumption in the Non-fletton Clay Brickmaking Industry- ECON43 (1999)
ECG49 Energy Efficiency in the Laundry Industry - ECON49 (1995)
ECG51 Energy Efficiency in Sports and Recreation Buildings - ECON51 (1996, reprinted 1998)
ECG54 Energy Use in Further & Higher Education Buildings - ECON54 (1997)
ECG57 Energy Consumption Guide for Nursing and Residential Homes - ECON57 (1996)
ECG68 The UK Corrugated Packing Industry - ECON68 (1997, reprinted 1998)
ECG70 Energy Use in the Minerals Industries of Great Britain - ECON70 (1998)
ECG72 Energy Consumption in Hospitals - ECON72 (1999)
ECG73 Saving Energy in Schools - Guide for Headteachers, Governors, Premises Managers and School Energy Managers - ECON73 (1998)
ECG75 Energy Use in Ministry of Defence Establishments - ECON75 (1999)
ECG78 Energy Use in Sports and Recreation Buildings - ECON78 (2001)
ECG80 Energy Use in the Animal Feed Sector - ECON80 (2001)
ECG81 Benchmarking Tool for Industrial Buildings - Heating and Internal Lighting - ECON81 (2002)
ECG82 Energy Use in Court Buildings - ECON82 (2002)
ECG83 Energy Use in Government Laboratories - ECON83 (2002)


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