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Archive 1: withdrawn CIBSE titles

CIBSE Knowledge Archive - CIBSE titles

CIBSE intends to create a dedicated archive of publications and other knowledge items that are no longer current but which may have value to our membership and, hopefully, to the wider industry. Many of these may be difficult or impossible to locate or obtain elsewhere.

Over time, this CIBSE Knowledge Archive & Repository will include old and withdrawn versions of CIBSE's own titles alongside other material that CIBSE is allowed to, or has express permission to, include.

CIBSE's own titles

This is the initial list of withdrawn and or superseded titles that are available.

At this initial phase of the creation of this archive, these items will simply be listed on this page, and each item can be downloaded by clicking on the link - freely by CIBSE members but may be priced for others. We intend to better integrate this archive content into the CIBSE Knowledge Portal in due course.

CIBSE intends to extend this to other content, potentially to all CIBSE titles.

Note: As this is, by its nature, old, superseded or withdrawn content, users of this information must ensure that it is, and remains, suitable for the purposes to which it is being put.

Titles available

CIBSE Commissioning Code L: Lighting 2003, superseded by 2018 edition. See here
CIBSE Guide E: Fire Safety Engineering 2010, superseded by 2019 edition. See here
CIBSE Research Report RR4: Engineering Design Calculations & Use of Margins 1994, withdrawn August 2018. See here
KS10: Biomass heating 2007, withdrawn in 2018 as largely superseded by AM15: 2014. See here.
TM24: Environmental Factors Affecting Office Worker Performance: Review 1999, withdrawn May 2019 here
TM29: HVAC Strategies for Well-Insulated Airtight Buildings 2002, withdrawn August 2018. See here 
TM36: Climate Change & the Indoor Environment 2005, withdrawn October 2018. See here

SLL titles
CIBSE Commissioning Code L: Lighting 2003, superseded by 2018 edition. See here
Guide to lighting of licensed premises 2011, superseded in 2018 by Lighting Guide LG18 'Lighting of licensed premises'. See here
Lighting Guide LG2: Hospitals and healthcare buildings 2008, superseded by 2019 edition. See here
Lighting Guide LG6: The Outdoor Environment 1992, superseded by 2016 edition. See here
SLL Lighting Handbook 2009, superseded by 2018 edition. See here.

Content from other sources

The initial content constituting this archive came from The Energy EfficIency Best Practice Programme (EEBPP)  and other useful content which CIBSE identies of value and where we have rights to make them available to users of our site.

Other webpages in the Archive and Repository are:

Your input

Suggestions from CIBSE members over this and further content or other suggestions would be welcomed. These can be made direct to CIBSE Head of Knowledge at


CIBSE is grateful to a number of CIBSE Members for their contributions to this archive but with particular thanks to Colin Ashford, Phil Jones and Ellen Salazar.