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Technical Memoranda

CIBSE's Technical Memoranda detail new technology, or offer a new slant on an established system in a concise and straightforward way.

TM13 Minimising the risk of legionnaires' disease
TM14 Standard file format for transfer of luminaire photometric data
TM21 Minimising pollution at air intakes
TM22 Energy assessment & reporting methodology
TM23 Testing buildings for air leakage
TM24 Environmental factors affecting office worker performance NOW WITHDRAWN
TM25 Understanding building integrated photovoltaics
TM26 Hygienic maintenance of office ventilation ductwork
TM27 Flexible building services for office-based environments
TM28 Benchmarking lighting design software
TM29 HVAC strategies for well-insulated airtight buildings NOW WITHDRAWN
TM30 Improved life cycle performance of mechanical ventilation systems
TM31 Building log book toolkit
TM33 Tests for software accreditation and verification
TM35 Environmental performance toolkit for glazed facades
TM36 Climate change & the indoor environment: Impacts & adaptation NOW WITHDRAWN
TM37 Design for improved solar shading control
TM38 Renewable energy sources for buildings
TM39 Building energy metering
TM40 Health and wellbeing in building services
TM41 Degree days: Theory and application
TM42 Fan application guide
TM43 Fan coil units
TM44 Inspection of air conditioning systems
TM45 Groundwater cooling systems
TM46 Energy benchmarks
TM47 Operational ratings and Display Energy Certificates
TM48 Use of climate change scenarios for building simulation
TM49 Design summer years for London
TM50 Energy efficiency in commercial kitchens
TM51 Ground source heat pumps
TM52 Limits of thermal comfort: avoiding overheating
TM53 Refurbishment of non-domestic buildings
TM54 Evaluating operational energy performance of buildings at design stage
TM55 Design for future climate: Case studies
TM56 Resource energy efficiency of building services
TM57 Integrated school design
TM58 Design & operation of modern steam systems
TM59 Design methodology for the assessment of overheating risk in homes
TM60 Good practice in the design of homes