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Knowledge by publication type

Our first Guide to Good Practice was published in 1940 under the Institution of Heating and Ventilating Engineers; since then, CIBSE has maintained its reputation as the body of authority on building services engineering guidance in the UK and throughout the world. We now publish a dozen guides covering a wide range of topics within building services and the related fields, and an array of other publications as well.

CIBSE Knowledge falls into the following categories:

  • CIBSE Guides, the essential reference works for building services engineers. 
  • Technical Memoranda detail new technology, or offer a new slant on an established system in a concise and straightforward way. 
  • Applications Manuals are designed to give in-depth practical guidance on specific areas which have been covered only briefly in the CIBSE guides.
  • Commissioning Codes offer authoritative advice on commissioning. 
  • Codes of Practice recommend good practice in the field of heat networks, as currently undertaken by competent and conscientious practitioners.
  • Technical Bulletins are short, digital-only publications produced by CIBSE and the Society of Public Health Engineers.
  • Research Insight reports provide an academic view of building services, detailing the findings of research projects which have been supported by CIBSE's research fund. 
  • The Digital Engineering Series explicates the practical challenges of digital engineering.
  • CIBSE Top Tips were produced for the Health and Safety Executive, and were intended to help property operators, facilities managers and designers to understand the topics involved and how to ensure buildings provide a healthy, comfortable and productive working environment in an energy-efficient manner.
  • The Knowledge Series offers accessible introductions and practical guidance at a level lower than that offered by a CIBSE guide, for non-engineers and students.
  • Digital Tools: an array of web-based or software-based tools which provide some practical assistance.

The Society of Light and Lighting provides a wide range of publications on all things lighting: lighting guides, factfiles, handbooks and codes. These can be accessed here:

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