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Product and Innovation Awards

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These awards recognise outstanding new and/or innovative products that will make significant contributions to improving building performance.

 Energy Saving Product or Innovation of the Year

This award recognises solutions that help to reduce energy loads and make a significant contribution to improving building performance. These innovative solutions will not use energy directly, but will significantly reduce the energy demand of the building into which they are incorporated (could include phase change materials, novel insulation or glazing products, blinds or shading devices, software tools or digital services that reduce energy demand or improve building performance and energy efficiency).

 Energy Efficient Product or Innovation of the Year

This award recognises building services solutions that reduce the amount of energy used in buildings through the efficient use of energy by the innovation itself. Such solutions will score highly in energy rating schemes and will also contribute to improved building performance. These innovative solutions will use energy themselves or will directly reduce the energy use of a product or system to which they are added or incorporated, (could include energy efficient M&E systems or components, digital tools that directly reduce the energy demand of an M&E system or component, highly efficient renewable or low carbon energy systems, or products that can be installed or included in an M&E or building services system that directly reduce its energy consumption).

Who should enter

Product manufacturers and system designers.


Entries should be for products introduced or launched between 1 June 2017 – 31 August 2018

Judging criteria

The Judges will consider any product or innovation that improves building performance and saves energy and carbon, and will be looking for evidence of:

 Research, testing, and development

 Innovation in design, technology and/or application

 Improvement over existing products in terms of performance, energy or resource (e.g. water) efficiency and carbon saving

 Mitigation of the environmental impact of production

 Use of recycled materials and recyclability of the product

 Performance in operation as well as factory or laboratory test results

 Evidence of how the product reduces carbon emissions

 Clear product technical information for specifiers, designers, installers and operators

 Operation and maintenance information

Entry forms

Download the Product and Innovation Entry Form

Closing date: 14 September 2018

Useful resources

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