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The CIBSE Board is the governing body of the Institution, with the CIBSE Council acting as a consultative body made up of representatives from across the Institution.

Put simply, governance is the process of deciding how our Institution should be run, agreeing goals and making sure we're acting responsibly. There's no doubt that the very best people to do that come from within our membership.

We welcome members from all backgrounds and experiences to sit on the Board or Council. As long as you are willing to learn, you're full of enthusiasm and energy and you are inspired by the idea of helping others.
Above all, you must be as committed as your Board and Council colleagues to making CIBSE the best organisation it can possibly be. Your focus and drive will be vital for all of our members and the wider industries and communities we support.

Be assured that we don't believe that one size fits all. In fact, if you've hesitated to nominate yourself because you're not a 'typical' CIBSE member, then think again. We're looking for individuals who cross disciplines, talents and life experiences. We're as interested in your potential as in your achievements.

CIBSE Governance Structure CIBSE Governance Structure

Download CIBSE Governance Structure (PDF)