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LCC Building Operations / Display Energy Certificates (DEC) Training

Course Duration: 2/3 Days

Course Content
Learning Outcomes
Who Should Attend
Self Assessment & Preparation
Upcoming Courses
Course Fees

Key Areas

This is a course designed for those wishing to become Low Carbon Consultants and also those who want to gain certification as Low Carbon Energy Assessors able to produce Display Energy certificates.

Course Content

Low Carbon Consultant Register

  • Benefits of the LCC register 
  • Reasons for reducing carbon emissions 
  • Energy efficiency

Energy performance of Buildings Directive

  • Objectives of the Energy Performance of BUilding Directive
  • Discussion of certain articles

Building regulations Part L 

  • Part L key features 
  • ADL2A, ADL2B
  • L2A, L2B key features, updates and requirements 
  • Compliance

Energy Performance Certification

  • CIBSE Guide F
  • Energy Saving Measures 

Energy efficiency in buildings 

Software Training (3rd Day) 

  • All Low Carbon Energy Assessors (LCEAs) who wish to produce DECs must also demonstrate that they are competent in the use of an approved software tool to produce the Display Energy Certificate and Advisory Report.  
  • CIBSE Training and Events offer training on the DEC government software ORCalc on day three.  
  • If you are using other software, the software provider may also provide training in the use of their software. Other software providers approved by CIBSE Certification are TEAM Energy and IES

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of legislative framework
  • Understanding of building regulations Part L
  • Energy performance certification
  • An understanding of Low & Zero carbon technologies
  • An understanding of the factors affecting building efficiency

Who should attend

This is a course designed for those wishing to become Low Carbon Consultants, and those who want to gain certification as Low Carbon Energy Assessors; able to produce Display Energy Certificates.

Before booking a course please pay particular attention to the information below regarding preparation and the levels of qualifications and experience required to pass the assessment.  The course is intensive and requires a high level of prior knowledge.

Which training course do I need to help me prepare for assessment?

  • To become an LCC (Building Operation) you need to attend training days one and two or just day two for the assessment, but you do not need the additional software training on day three.

  • To become an LCEA to produce DECs you need to attend all three days, or just days two and three for the assessments.

  • If you are already a DEC assessor with another scheme and are transferring to CIBSE Certification, you only need the LCC assessment on day two (not the DEC software on day three).

Self-assessment & preparation

To become a Low Carbon Consultant (LCC) only:

The course is intensive and requires a high level of knowledge. Whilst we do not have formal entry requirements for the LCC register we do ask candidates to self-assess beforehand.  To assist you in this self-assessment CIBSE provides the documents below. Please note you do not need to fill in a pre APEL assessment.

Providing you pass the exam at the end of the course you can join the LCC Register on submission of the completed application form to CIBSE Certification

To become an LCEA to Produce Display Energy Certificates (DECs):

If you are hoping to certify as an DEC assessor it is important that you complete an expression of interest form, available here before you complete a training course.

If you need help to identify whether or not you are likely to be admitted under the APEL route please call the CIBSE Certification team on 020 8675 5211.

All applicants must be able to demonstrate that they can fulfil 100% of the National Occupational Standard (NOS) before they can become registered as an energy assessor. If you do not possess the appropriate skills/experience, you will not be permitted to make an APEL application.

For more details on requirements and further information about Display Energy Certificates and the process of certification please visit the CIBSE Energy Centre website.


About the exam

The examination is a multiple choice exam with 50 questions and 2 short exercises ... more about the exam here

Upcoming Training Courses

If you have already booked a traning course and would like to amend or cancel your booking please contact the CIBSE training team via email on to avoid any cancellation fees. 

In-house training at your site

Training multiple staff at once is the most cost effective way to develop staff for organisations. All our courses can be delivered at your site (min 6 staff) at discounted rates. These In-House courses are only available in the UK and Europe. For an In-house quote please email; 

Name of course
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Course Fees

Early Booking Discount - (8 weeks prior to course start date)

Two day training:
Members: £550 + vat (£660 inc vat)
Non-members:£600 +vat (£720 inc vat)

Three day training:
Members: £995 + vat (£1194 inc vat)
Non-members:£1075 + vat (£1290 inc vat)

Standard Booking 

Two day training:
Members: £580 + vat (£696 inc vat)
Non-members:£645 +vat (£774 inc vat)

Three day training:
Members: £1035 + vat (£1242 inc vat)
Non-members:£1125 + vat (£1350 inc vat)


Training Terms & Conditions

All delegate alterations / cancellations must be received in writing to:  

Please contact the training team before making any travel or accommodation arrangements - particularly if you are travelling from outside the UK mainland, as CIBSE will not be liable for any cost incurred. 

For full terms & conditions click here