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Press Summary - December 2016

Society of Public Health Engineers
The Society of Public Health Engineers have announced the winners of their 2016 Young Engineers Awards, for their work on an affordable and easy to use system of flood barriers designed to protect individual homes from rising water. The system, designed by Amelia Paszkowski, Brittany Harris and Ross Boulton, all from BuroHappold Engineering, consists of a simple plastic and rubber barrier which can be erected by one person in 45 minutes to protect a 10x6m house from 0.5m of flood water.

This news was covered by the CIAT and BuroHappold
Young lighter of the year
Lighting engineer Sofia Tolia has been named Young Lighter of the Year 2016 for her work on energy saving in road lighting, at the 22nd Society of Light and Lighting (SLL) Young Lighter of the Year competition. The winning paper, entitled ‘Variable Lighting Levels for Highways - A Different Approach’, was delivered in a 15 minute presentation alongside three other finalists in front of judges at the awards ceremony, during the LuxLive exhibition in London’s EXCEL.
Based on research carried out around the Greek port of Piraeus for her Master’s diploma thesis, the paper examines the current methods used to save energy by dimming road lighting in periods when traffic is predicted to be low, and suggests an alternative methodology.
LED flicker project
Organisations are invited to pitch for a ground-breaking research project into the perception of flicker by humans and to ascertain if there are detrimental effects on performance.
The Knowledge Management Committee of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), and the Society of Light and Lighting (SLL), are inviting researchers to submit proposals for a project which will carry out a series of controlled experiments on men and women of a range of ages in order to investigate the impact of flicker on their health and comfort.
#Build2Perform blog
Ties that bind: The CIBSE blog hears from ASHRAE President Tim Wentz on the topic of the new agreement signed in November that commits the two organisations to work closer together. What is it, what’s in it and what does it mean for you?
Back to the future: One of the most anticipated sessions of the Conference with an all-star panel, the session ‘Are you ready for a digital future?’ sparked plenty of discussion on the day and on social media. So what did we learn? The blog finds out.
Future perfect: This month’s #Build2Perform podcast took a look at another session at the Conference, which saw industry heavyweights Patrick Bellew and Max Fordham take a look at their careers in building services. But what can the past tell us about our approach to the future?
CIBSE Journal
Creature comforts: Can an uninsulated, concrete structure be transformed into a sustainability superstar? The Journal takes a look at Cambridge University Zoology Department’s David Attenborough Building.
Life support: Facilities management is vital for the smooth and sustainable running of a building, but in some parts of the world it’s also a matter of life and death. The Journal examines the job of the FM for the British Antarctic Survey.
Tidings of comfort and joy: Big, old and often uninsulated, church buildings can be a headache to heat efficiently over the winter and can leave some struggling to cope. But help is at hand, with a new cost guide that aims to minimise ecclesiastical heating bills.
Body-clock wise: That lighting affects the health of the human body is well established, and the movement to design it better is in full swing, but what does this mean in practice? The Journal investigates.
A healthy light style: the Journal takes a look at how the Well Building Standard treats the biological impact of lighting on humans.