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  • PublisherCIBSE
  • Product CodeDE2
  • Number of pages24
  • Publication DateOct 2016
  • ISBN9781906846916

DE2: Employer’s Information Requirements

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DE2: Employer’s Information Requirements

DE2, part of CIBSE's Digital Engineering series, is intended to provide guidance on creating, completing and reviewing employer’s information requirements documents (EIRs).

A free-to-access template associated with DE2 is available, and is intended to be a generic template that users can modify in any way they see fit.

DE2 is based on PAS 1192-2: 2013, which provides specific guidance on the information management requirements of projects delivered using BIM. PAS 1192-2 is one of the documents included within the government mandate for the adoption of Level 2 BIM for central government procured contracts.

The employer’s information requirements document is created at the beginning of the capital phase of a project, and sets out the client requirements in detail, supplemented by questions for potential members of the supply team to respond to in the form of a BIM Execution Plan (BEP).

For authors of employer’s information requirements documents, it is important to understand what the employer organisation needs to know to effectively procure, manage and run its assets. This should take the form of Organisational, or Operational, Information Requirements document (OIR). For the respondents to an EIR, it is important to give clear and concise answers, which should be supported by including examples, certificates and other supporting documents.

The EIRs are intended to establish a clear basis for the information exchanges between the employer and the supply chain, which should make the exchanges more meaningful and help the employer to make decisions based on well-structured information.

Introduction to this CIBSE Guidance and Training

This publication is the second in a series that CIBSE will be publishing in the coming months and years in order to assist members of the Institution and of the full supply chain, clients and their operational management as well as consultants, contractors, and manufacturers of all kinds, to tackle the practical challenges specifically of the BIM processes, and of digital engineering more widely.
It represents the output of a co-ordinated and comprehensive approach from CIBSE that is designed to deliver the guidance and training that will enable readers and users to engage with and deliver the practical results that clients, led by Government since April 2016, now require from those responsible for the design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of building services.

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Note: this title, like all publications in the Digital Engineering series will be priced for all users in all formats, including CIBSE Members but who will benefit from a 50% discount. Other savings and subscriptions to this series will be available.


PAS 1192-2
Scenario 1 - Existing Buildings
Scenario 2 – New Build
General Requirements
- Technical
- Management
- Commercial
Employer’s Information Requirements – Specific Requirements
How the project will be delivered
- Technical
- Management
- Commercial
Changes to other Tender Documents
What we need to know about the project
Appendix 1 – Further Reading

Table 1 - Document Abbreviations

Figure 1 - Hierarchy of Information Requirements

Carl Collins (Author) – Consultant to CIBSE

Other acknowledgements
Dr Hywel Davies (CIBSE), Ben Roberts (Hoare Lea)